When it comes to Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal, how does it work? 

Are you tired of constantly shaving and painfully waxing your unwanted hair? Soprano ICE Platinum combines all the best aspects of laser hair removal into one. Canova is pleased to offer this complete hair removal service. We are here to help you understand how it works. 

How does Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal work? 

Three wavelengths combined into one powerful treatment 

Soprano laser hair removal London used to require a laser that excelled in one area but was often limited by its ability to do the same thing in another. One laser may be good for different hair types, but another might be more efficient for those with darker skin tones. Soprano ICE Platinum combines all the benefits of the three lasers. You can combine three wavelengths to get a quick treatment suitable for all skin types. These wavelengths can simultaneously penetrate different skin layers and target hair follicles at multiple levels. This powerful tool is considered the best in hair removal technology. 

It’s all about the Hair Follicles 

Laser hair removal targets hair follicles. Once it locates a root, the laser converts light into heat energy. This causes the target hair follicles to be destroyed quickly. The root ceases to be able to produce hair after it dies. The remaining hair will fall from the root base. Although the idea of a laser blast might conjure up images of space travel and explosions, the lasers we use are gentle, and the hair removal method is not dramatic. Our staff strives to provide the best possible experience through every stage of the treatment. 

What to Expect from Your Treatment 

This treatment is safe and effective, and it is widely used. It is effortless and straightforward. Although results will vary from person to person, knowing what you can expect when your appointment arrives is helpful. We have created a rough timeline to see how the treatment will look and when you’ll enjoy its benefits. 

How to Prepare 

Laser hair removal is effortless. We will answer all your questions during a consultation. Nevertheless, we might recommend some things before you go for your treatment. 

Avoid Waxing 

During treatment, the root of your hair must be visible. Laser treatment may be affected by any hair grooming, such as waxing, tweezing, or other hair-grooming methods that take out the root of the hair. Although shaving before coming in is fine, you shouldn’t shave on the day of your laser treatment. 

You can clean your skin without lotions or creams 

Make sure your skin is clean and free from oil or dirt buildup before you go in. Before you undergo laser hair removal, it’s a good idea for you to take a shower or bath. The process will run smoothly and efficiently if you have a clean surface. Avoid using oils or fragrances in the area you will be treated on the day of your appointment. 

Take extra good care of your skin 

Before you have your hair cut, we recommend that you pamper your skin. You can make this a simple task by applying a daily sunblock to your skin, regardless of whether you receive laser hair removal. Avoid skin products that increase photosensitivity for a few days before you arrive. These products include: 

  • Benzoyl peroxide 
  • Hydroxy acids 
  • Retinols 
  • Salicylic acid 


We will discuss your concerns and ensure that this treatment is the right fit. We will then be able to schedule an appointment. You will be able to indicate the areas you would like to have treated before we begin. We value your comfort and will answer all questions. Once you have put on your special-provided eyewear, the laser treatment will begin. Depending on the area being treated, it will take a different amount of time. If you have the area above your lips treated, it could take a few minutes. Naturally, larger areas will take longer. We can give you an accurate estimate of the time it will take to treat certain areas once you have specified them. 


The hair will fall off over a period of about a week. Your treated skin should be protected from heat for 24 hours following treatment. Avoid using the hot tub or sauna until at least one day has passed. After treatment, avoid tanning beds for at least two weeks. When you go outside, apply sun protection. 

How often does the treatment have to be repeated? 

You may initially notice patches of hair growth. This is normal as the laser may have missed some hair follicles in the first treatment. You might need to repeat treatments until you are satisfied with the results. We recommend six to eight treatments spread out over four to six weeks for the best results. Your visits can then be reduced to an occasional touch-up. You can reduce the frequency of your visits by reducing your hair growth due to hormonal fluctuations and other life events. We are happy to provide memberships and multiple packages that can be adapted to your needs and budget. 


After completing the treatment series, you’ll no longer have to shave or wax your hair. You won’t have to get in the shower to shave before you can go to the beach. We believe that everyone should feel confident and loved by their bodies. However, for those with unwanted hair, this treatment may give them a boost in confidence and an opportunity to get away from the tedious task of hair grooming. 

Laser Hair Removal FAQ 

1. Is it Safe? 

The Soprano ICE Laser has undergone extensive research and has a proven safety record. It was created to be as universally compatible as possible. Although it does an excellent job, safety is more important than its abilities. While we are happy to offer safe and effective hair removal, we also recognise the importance of transparency. We are always open to answering your questions. If we decide this is not the right fit, we will inform you and work with you to find a better solution. 

2. What skin types does it work on? 

We love that this laser can be used on all skin types. This makes it different from other lasers. There are three wavelengths commonly used in lasers. Each one has a different speciality. This laser can be used on dark and lighter skin tones using all three wavelengths. 

3. What if I have a tan? 

It will still work if you have a tan. We are happy to provide guidance on using a tanning bed during your laser treatment. You may need to avoid tanning beds for several weeks after each session. 

4. It works on what kind of hair? 

This laser works well on many different hair types, something not possible with a single laser. This laser is not as effective for very light hair. There’s no reason to be afraid if you have blonde or light hair. We’re happy to discuss your options and offer alternative solutions. 

5. Which is the best time of year to do this? 

You can do this treatment at any time. Although hair removal is most commonly done in the summer, it can also be done at other times of the year. This will allow you to achieve your desired results before summer ends. Protecting the treated area from sunlight with broad-spectrum sunscreen after laser hair removal is recommended. 

6. Benefits of having it done outside of the summer season 

Sun-block is always a good idea. However, if laser hair treatment is done in the winter, spring or autumn, it will be easier for you to protect those areas from the sun. 

You don’t have to remember to apply sunblock every day if you find it easy. You may prefer to have it done when you are more exposed to the sun.