– 3D Vasculase – Thread Vein Removal

3D vasculase thread vein removal IN LONDON


3D vasculase thread vein removal IN LONDON

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What can 3D vasculase TREAT?

Using the latest technology this treatment can target thread veins on a number of areas on the body including thighs, calves, ankles and face.

what is 3d vasculase?

Thread veins (also called spider veins, broken blood vessels, broken veins or capillary veins) are small red, blue or purple veins that typically appear near the skin surface on the face, thighs, calves and ankles. The cause of thread veins is often unknown. However, many factors can contribute to their appearance and are all related to placing pressure on the capillaries resulting in damage or expansions. These include:
⦁ Genetics
⦁ Ageing
⦁ Sedentary lifestyle
⦁ Obesity
⦁ Alcohol
⦁ Smoking
Thread veins are a common problem affecting around 80% of all adults at some point in their lives. Fortunately, thread veins can be treated safely and effectively using 3D Vasculase.


Treatment Price
Thread Vein Removal 15 mins (inc follow up) £285
Thread Vein Removal 30 mins (inc follow up) £350