Summer Packages Offers

Available until 1st October

Dates may vary depending on the package you select

Summer Packages Offers

Available until 1st October

Dates may vary depending on the package you select

Pick and mix our Summer only treatments

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Summer Detox

Price: £80 Duration: 45mins

Your treatment begins with a foot cleanse and exfoliation to aid removal of dead skin cells. We then perform a massage to relieve those tired achy feet and legs. A cooling mask is applied to draw out toxins and improve circulation in the feet.

Whilst your feet are marinating our specialists will perform a gentle steam cleanse and skin analysis. An AHA is applied to gently exfoliate the skin and appropriate mask is selected for your specific skin concerns.

Both masks are removed with Hot mitts and moistures are applied to the feet and the skin is infused with peptides, vitamins and hydration followed by SPF.

Murad Summer Glow

Price: £60 Duration: 30mins

With gentle steam your skin is cleansed with appropriate Murad Cleanser, toned and analysed by your skin specialist. A light AHA peel is used to remove dead skin cells, revitalise and prepare the skin for a Vit C infusion. Vit c infusion helps brighten, hydrate, helps reduce pigmentation evens skin tone and stimulates collagen.

The Mask is removed and our Murad signature massage is performed to relieve any aches and pains and to aid drainage of toxins from the face. The skin is infused with Vitamins and appropriate hydration and a SPF is applied to complete your treatment.

Deluxe Derriere

Price: £99 Duration: 30mins

Renew your buttocks with this exfoliating cleansing facial designed to renew your derriere. This treatment includes cleansing, microdermabrasion using HydraFacial technology and a massage.

The treatment uses HydraFacial technology, and it works to exfoliate and cleanse your derriere with microdermabrasion. We will then massage the area using essential oils to encourage circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding detoxification and weight loss.

The final steps are a butt mask created using algae, spirulina and aloe vera. The mask helps to cool and soothe the area. This works to improve cellular defences, oxidative stress resistance, cell detoxification and repair while rejuvenating the epidermal junction.

Summer hands and feet

Price: £80 Duration: 45mins

Indulge with this luxurious hand and feet treatment to get your feet perfect for the summer heat and toes glowing in those sandals!

Using a luxurious product range to pamper your hands and feet, this indulgent treatment will not only hydrate, buff but also relieve any swollen extremities!

Hard skin will be banished and your hands and feet will be for a summer's dream!  Indulging in a relaxing massage only contributes to the delight of this treatment.

As there is no polish involved this is perfect for both male and female


EmSculpt Course of 4 for £1000




Available: until the End of August. You can book sessions until 30th September.

Book one laser hair removal session and get the second one for only a pound. You can purchase only one treatment at the time of booking (Price can not be held on account). Only areas advertised are bookable.

Offer available until August, and bookings must be made by 30th September

Canova London can withdraw the offer at any time. We reserve the right to decline bookings.

  • Full leg and Hollywood - £200 and £1 = £201
  • Hollywood and underarm - £140 and £1 = £141
  • Full Face and underarm - £140 and £1 = £141
  • Back and underarm = £200 and £1 = £201
  • Back and shoulders £200 and £1 = £201
  • Underarm and lip - £100 and £1 = £101
  • Full leg and underarm - £200 and £1 = £201
  • Full arm and underarm - £140 and £1 = £141
  • Full Face and Hollywood £140 and £1 = £141



Full Price £2880 Now £2000

Upfront payment of £400 5 payments of £300


Full Price £4850 Now £3000

Upfront payment of £600 5 payments of £480

Bridal Package

Price: £299 Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

This package is perfect for all our brides to be to treat themselves to some of our much-loved treatments to help you enjoy beautiful glowing skin on your wedding day. The bridal package includes:

  • Shrinking Violet Body Wrap
  • Murad Vit C Glow Facial
  • Hand and Feet Treatment
  • Summer Body Glow

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