How to deal with dark lips or lip pigmentation

A common problem for women is lip darkening or pigmentation, especially for women of Indian or African descent. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that many people face, and the excessive production of melanin causes it. Some causes of pigmentation on your lips can be due to excessive sun exposure, incorrect lip products, and lack of hydration. They can also be caused by smoking, allergies, pregnancy, or overconsumption of caffeine. Genetics can also play a part in whether you may be more susceptible to hyperpigmentation. 

At home tips to treat lip pigmentation

These are some ways to help reduce and combat early signs of lip pigmentation. Exfoliate your lips twice a week; it’s a great way to help prevent hyperpigmentation, as removing the dead skin cells will reveal brighter and smoother lips. Investing in a lip balm that contains Vitamin C is also a great way to help improve lip discolouration. The ultra-nourishing ingredients can help fade discolouration. 

Lip discolouration tips

Here are some basic tips to follow: 

  • Avoid rubbing, licking or smacking your lips as the repetitive motion can create friction, leading them to dry out and appear darker. 
  • Invest in good quality made lipsticks; some chemicals in lipsticks can cause skin rashes or pigmentation. 
  • Pick lip balms with SPF included as sun exposure can lead to discolouration. 
  • Look for products that contain Retinol and Kojic Acid, as well as AHAs, to help treat pigmentation. 

Home remedies for lip care can also be great; applying aloe Vera gel and a small paste of turmeric and milk every other day can help. Homemade honey and sugar scrubs work wonders and can be an all-natural alternative to lip scrubs. 

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