Fat Freezing



Looking for an effective treatment to banish that fat? At Canova London, we offer the latest technology in fat freezing. No longer neglect your body and be beach body ready all year round. Book a consultation at Canova London in Mayfair.

Freeze your fat away with this state if the art fat reduction treatment. Whether its your arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, or lower buttocks, this treatment will freeze and eliminate any unwanted fat cells.


3D Lipo fat freezing is a non-surgical and non-invasive fat reduction treatment performed using state-of-the-art technology called cryolipolysis. It freezes and eliminates fat cells in the chosen targeted area, such as the arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, and lower buttocks. The treatment eliminates up to 49% of the fat cells in the targeted area. The therapist will use freezing temperatures, as low as -9 to break down the unwanted fat cells.



  • Double Chin
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Love Handles
  • Back Fat

This treatment can also be combined with other technologies such as shockwave therapy and radio frequency skin tightening to create a bespoke package to target other concerns such as cellulite and loose skin for a more complete approach.



HOW DOES 3D fat freezing WORK?


When the fat cells are exposed to a fat-freezing temperature, they undergo crystallisation and localised cell death. The freezing and crystallisation process causes the cell to become damaged and shrink, resulting in the cells sending out distress signals. These signals are answered by macrophages, which ingest damaged and shrunken cells and take them through the body’s natural waste removal system called the lymph system. About 20 to 40% of fat cells in the treated area die naturally and dissolve over the week, with results showing after approximately four months.

Here at 3D Aesthetics Leamington Spa, we combine Cryolipolis with Shockwave therapy to enhance and accelerate results as it promotes faster elimination and breakdown of the damaged fat cells.


 Is Fat Freezing right for me?



This treatment involves the freezing of fat cells in a specific area of the body. Fat cells have a weak structure, and therefore cannot survive at these low temperatures. During the treatment the fat cells are frozen to the point of apoptosis (cell death) Once apoptosis has occurred, the dead fat cells are removed from the body through the lymphatic system. These unwanted toxins are removed from the body by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day from date of treatment.

As a result of treatment, fat in the target area is reduced, giving you a healthier and more toned appearance. 3D Lipo is ideal for treating areas where fat is hard to get rid of through lifestyle, for instance, the chin, stomach, and back.


Will Fat Freezing Hurt



The 3D-Cryofreeze treatment is generally considered a comfortable and painless experience. During the treatment, you may experience a slight pulling sensation and will feel the treatment area getting cold but within a few minutes, the area will become numb.



How many Fat Freezing treatments will I need?



The 3D-Cryofreeze is a one-off treatment, however it can be used as part of a bespoke course of treatments depending on your desired outcome. Our clinicians will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan, targeting problem areas and providing the best possible results, which may include combining 3D-Cryofreeze with other technologies.

What are the possible side effects from Fat Freezing?


While cosmetic medicine is not without complications or unwanted side effects, we do take every precaution to minimise and limit any complications to offer a safe and comfortable service. Reported side effects include but are not limited to the following: bruising, redness or slight numbness for up to three months.


What does the aftercare involve?



For optimum results, your 3D-Cryofreeze treatment will work best if complemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Please contact us if you have any concerns following your treatment. Bruising, swelling, redness, cramping and pain can occur in the treatment area immediately after treatment.

Avoid hot baths and heat treatments for the first few days. In the unlikely event of prolonged swelling, itching, tingling, numbness, tenderness to the touch, pain in the treated area, cramping, aching, bruising and skin sensitivity, please contact us for assistance. You can apply Vitamin E liberally to aid healing.

You may feel a dulling of sensation in the treated area that can last for several weeks after the procedure. If the chin area has been treated, you may experience a feeling of fullness in the back of the throat, which will subside one to two weeks after treatment.

You may start to see changes as early as three weeks after treatment. The best results can be seen 12 weeks after the procedure.

Your body will continue to naturally process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately three months after treatment.