Mesopeel ® Chemical peel London

Unlock your best skin with bespoke peels

Mesopeel ® Chemical peel London

Unlock your best skin with bespoke peels

Chemical peels in Mayfair

Mesopeel ® provides chemical peels that have been created custom to identify and tackle your skin concerns. At Canova we believe that everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their skin, the bespoke chemical peels provide a range of active ingredients to target your specific skin concerns and help you achieve your skin goals.

As we age our skin renewal process can slow down, typically our skin regenerates and renews every 28-days to keep our skin hydrated and looking healthy but as we age or even during pregnancy, menopause and even adolescence can cause the process to slow down which can lead to skin concerns such as oily skin, acne, pigmentation, and even dull skin. With the help of Canova’s range of custom facial peels, we can help you to combat wrinkles, increase volume and hydrate the dermis.

Mesopeel ® Can Treat:

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Dull skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • And more
Chemical peel London

Bespoke chemical peels

Whatever skin concern you may be suffering with we can help you achieve skin goals and enjoy better and healthier skin. Our passionate team will sit with you to understand your skin and create you a custom treatment plan.

Having a chemical peel in Mayfair can not only help you maintain a healthy appearance it can also be a great preventative measure against signs of ageing.

Before After

Chemical peels Before After
Chemical peels results


Treatment Price
Initial treatment with prep kit £300
Follow on treatments £120
Course of 6 with kit £800
Bespoke chemical peels

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