5 reasons why laser hair treatment is beneficial

Hair removal can be time-consuming and frustrating. Although traditional methods like shaving, waxing and tweezing can effectively remove hair temporarily, they are not permanent. Laser hair removal is a long-term solution that is an effective and efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is possible on any area of the body with unwanted hair. Although this does not eliminate all hair, it can reduce hair growth by 50 to 95%. These are the five benefits of laser hair removal from the best laser clinic in London

#1. Treatments don’t take long Laser hair removal is much faster than you might think. Treatments of the underarms and bikini area take around 20 minutes, while treatment of areas such as arms and legs takes about an hour. Laser hair removal is not something you should do all day. You’ll be done in no time. 

#2. Laser hair removal services eliminate the need to use endless amounts of razors and shaving cream, as well as the need for waxing appointments. While the cost of laser hair removal has declined, waxing costs have increased. Laser hair removal is more cost-effective, takes less time, and gives you a longer-lasting result. 

#3. Laser hair removal can be used to prevent ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs and prevent you from having to have them removed. People with sensitive skin irritated by waxing or shaving can also consider laser hair removal. 

#4. It saves time: You can think about how many times you have spent extra time in the shower shaving only to discover that you missed some spots and need to return to fix them. Laser hair removal eliminates the need to spend extra time shaving or making appointments to have your hair waxed. Also, you don’t need to worry about missing or making mistakes. Clean-shaven skin is possible without any need for waxing or shaving. 

#5. You can shave between treatments, unlike waxing. Laser hair removal doesn’t require you to wait for your hair to grow. You can now shave as many times as you like between treatments. 

Common Questions about Laser Hair Removal 

What are the potential risks? 

Laser hair removal can be done during your lunch hour, as there is no recovery period. There are very few risks with laser hair removal. 

Is it difficult? 

Laser hair removal is much easier than waxing. There are numbing creams available for sensitive skin to make the experience easier. 

What is the procedure for laser hair removal? 

Lasers emit light at a specific wavelength absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. The lasers convert the light into heat energy which disables the hair follicle and prevents it from producing more hair. 

What are the number of treatments required? 

It takes six to eight treatments to clear the entire area. However, some people only require four treatments. 

How to prepare for laser hair removal 

To ensure that you are suitable for laser hair removal, consult your doctor. For six weeks prior to the treatment, you should refrain from waxing, plucking, tweezing, and electrolysis. When you wax or pluck hairs, the laser will temporarily remove the roots. 


Your skin may feel and look sunburned for a few days after treatment. Cool compresses and moisturising creams are good options. The treated hair will eventually fall out over the next month. To prevent any temporary colour changes, make sure you have sunscreen on the next month.